5 tips for divine decoration

You’ve been binge watching The Block for the better part of the year, you watch 9Life constantly, and you have a high class vision board either in your home or on Pinterest. All you want, more than anything else in this world, is to turn your home from drab to fab, but you’re a little unsure of how. We at Reform Space are here to save the day once again, with our 5 tips for divine decoration.

One no-brainer hint that we will give you for free is; make sure you only focus on one room at a time, don’t overwhelm yourself.

Now that’s settled here we go –

1) Start drawing inspiration from what you already have:

Decide what items in your home are your favourites and must be kept throughout the design process. These things may even include items that hold sentimental value but have become significantly dated. Can these things be re-purposed, restored, or reupholstered so they can stay without messing up your Feng shui?

Similarly, decide what items you wish to replace.

2) Colour your world:

People seem to constantly be afraid of colour, when really, a new coat of paint, and a splash of colour can sometimes be all a space needs to reinvigorate it. The current trend in wall colours is to have a soft grey base to a fresh white. But, this doesn’t sound very colourful does it? A feature wall with a coat of ceiling white and a semi white gloss on the skirtings and architraves will keep your home on trend, while still displaying your vibrant personality.

When thinking about colours, obviously decide what your favourite colours actually are. Once you realise this, use these colours as the base for your colour palette. Remember, colour doesn’t only mean paint, make sure to extend the use of colour into your room’s furniture and accessories.

3) Think about statement pieces:

Allocate most of your budget here. It is better to invest money in signature pieces, rather than buying lots of smaller, more temporary items. Think; artwork, rugs, mirrors, accent chairs, side-tables, etc.

The correct artwork will express what is meaningful and significant to you. Art is known for being an excellent way to evoke emotion and express individual personality and style. Custom artwork is a fantastic option, and is much more affordable than you may think.

Statement rugs that coordinate with your artwork can really make a massive statement. When deciding on a statement rug that accompanies statement artwork pick a couple colours from your artwork and match these to your rug. This will enhance the design style and overall atmosphere, to create a more dramatic statement in the room.

However, make sure to keep in mind that less is often more when it comes to statements, and the size definitely does matter. Having less can often make the piece stand out more, and make the statement stronger. When it comes to art, over-sized pieces will make a big statement, this means you won’t need much else in the room, as this will just detract from your statement piece.

4) Accessorise:

Accessorising  relates to so many levels of the design plan. This can relate to fabrics, lamps, feature lighting, vases, flowers, ornaments, and so much more.

Fabrics – carefully selected upholstery, fabrics, cushions, and throws will always work well to tie a look together. There are so many patterns in nature. These natural patterns create interest. So why not use them in your home? Too many people are afraid of fun textures, prints and patterns, but used with thought, these things can all really bring out some beautiful design elements.

Lamps and feature lighting not only add decorative elements to any space, but when used effectively they can add mood and ambiance. The same goes for vases, and ornaments. However, it would be wise to remember that with small accent pieces like this it is advised that you make groups. Grouping smaller, similar pieces can make a much greater impact in a space than a small stand-alone piece.

Remember, the biggest mistake people make here is rushing in and buying items from a showroom directly, or copying designs and furnishings from other people’s homes. Don’t assume that just because it works for them, does not mean it will work for you. You need to carefully consider the natural lighting in your home, your lifestyle, and the purpose of each room before styling it.

5) Go green:

Yes, we do mean that literally! One of the most effective ways to accessorise any room is to add greenery. Live plants are a literal breath of fresh air in all space, and they help to blur the line between inside and out. This makes rooms feel larger, and fresher. Not to mention, who doesn’t get a boost from interesting vases holding beautiful flowers and plants? Except for maybe those poor hay fever sufferers. To them I say, fake it!

Image source – Wicker Paradise – Flickr Creative Commons

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