How to: Style your home with black

Orange is the new black you say? You’ve heard wrong, black is still the new black, and while it has experienced a mixed reception in the past we are certain that when used well black can be very effective in your home. If you’re keen on black styling – or even still on the fence about it – we at Reform Space have brought together some fanciful ideas and techniques to show you why black is a shade to embrace in your home.

Black is one of the few ‘colours’ (yes we know it’s a shade) that matches anything and everything. It is one of the most versatile ‘colours’ you can use, yet it seems to be one that many people shy away from. However, using black as a backdrop on the walls, or using it as a contrast feature on furniture is a great way to add elegance and sophistication to any home. Black is just one of those design concepts that can really invigorate a room with its grand aptitude for making a statement.

Contrary to popular belief, black is an excellent way to make a small room look and feel larger. Dark rooms can often feel larger because the room lines seem to disappear. In saying that, make sure to never go too black across your entire home. Having a full black wall in a statement room combined with other, smaller black elements can work well, but too much black quickly becomes heavy and overwhelming. One great way to use black without it becoming overwhelming is by pairing blacks, greys, and whites with differing textures. Also, contrasting soft-textured blacks with hard-textured blacks and matching them together with something halfway in between can really help break the colour up.

Updating your flooring in black is an excellent way to add drama to any home. Floors can be inked or stained, with the effect combining exceptionally well with cherry wood. Black granite can also be an excellent choice that injects a serene sense of cool wherever it is placed. But, when considering black flooring, make sure you don’t overlook the tried and true method of black and white pairing, it may seem retro as sin, but it is a classic look that can really spice up a room if done well.  

For those of you who have read this far, and still aren’t convinced that black is right for your home, maybe accent furnishings and decorations will be more up your alley. Grouping black themes, decorations, collectibles, and photos on a lighter wall can create a beautiful contrast that breathes fresh air into a home. Or, use black as an accent piece. Rather than featuring black on a large piece of furniture, choose a black accent table or chair as a highlight, and the colour as an accent throughout the rest of the room.

At the end of the day the real takeaway is that black is a universal ‘colour’ that will match any colour scheme, style, or personality you want in your home. It truly is a design concept that will either enhance the styling in a space or complement existing features you want to highlight, so just have fun with it!

Image source – Wicker Paradise – Flickr Creative Commons

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