How to: make your inner city garden reach new heights.

Living within the confines of the inner city we often lose the ability to walk amongst the greenery, or stop and smell the roses, until now. If you haven’t seen the above image before, it is what is known as a green wall, or a vertical garden, and it is the newest craze bringing green space to all environments. With this quick how to, you can bring the outside indoors, right in your own home.

As complex as these walls may seem, it is actually relatively easy to bring this trend into your home or backyard. With their aesthetic beauty, calming influence, and their sound proofing qualities, they are a great, easy, D.I.Y project that is guaranteed to bring value to your home. Just follow these easy instructions:

  1. Pick a space in your backyard or inside that needs a little TLC. This could be that run down fence, or even just a living space that could do with some living colour.Build a frame. Vertical gardens are very heavy, so make sure your frame can hold all of its weight.
  2. Attach a plastic sheet to your frame. This will prevent water wastage by keeping moisture in the structure. Make sure there is a gap between the frame and the structure it is being built to ensure there’s plenty of ventilation for the plants.
  3. Choose a fabric to attach to the base for your plants to live in and grow from. This is where your plans will source their nutrients so your fabric needs to be able to retain water while also being porous enough for the roots to penetrate. We recommend you use felt.
  4. Set up a simple irrigation system to cover all of your plants. We recommend attaching a pipe or tube across the top of the wall which will simply drip from above.
  5. Now for the fun part, pick your plants. This is your opportunity to get your creative juices pumping. Some great vertical garden plants include, but are not limited to; geraniums, ferns, begonias, and rock lilies. Just make sure your structure is solid before you plant. If you need to fix any issues after planting you may damage your plants’ root and/or stems.
  6. Once you have completed planting the wall keep them watered and fertilised. This is particularly important if your vertical garden is outdoors and exposed to the elements, such as the famous Queensland heat.

And there you have it folks, a lovely green space for you to enjoy for years to come.

Image Source: Jingdianjiauju2 – Flickr Creative Commons

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