How to: Create better outdoor living

Did your Christmas entertaining dreams crash and burn? Are you hoping to boost the appeal of your outdoor entertaining space? Well, that’s where Reform Space can help, by providing you with the basic concepts you need to keep in mind when creating a better outdoor space.

 In Australia we all know that an inviting outdoor living room is the perfect way to enhance your lifestyle and increase the value of your home. One of the main features people are looking for in a modern home is a dazzling outdoor area, preferably one with an easy connection to the living room and kitchen. Unfortunately, this can sometimes seem like a momentous task. However, for houses, the options are actually really straightforward, and we are going to show you how.

Depending on the lie of the land and burgeoning aesthetic concerns, you could just; build a deck, lay a concrete slab, or simply define a designated entertaining area with paving. The choice of finishes is as vast as your imagination and budget. The timber you choose may be oiled, stained, or painted. Pavers vary in design, from concrete, to clay, or even natural materials like sandstone. Also, there are currently some absolutely divine concrete pavers on the market that beautifully mimic natural finishes, without the high price tag.

To truly be a functional addition to your home, an outdoor entertaining area should definitely be covered. This way you can use your space whether you’re entertaining in rain, hail, or shine. Again, there are plenty of choices when it comes to roofing solutions. Single skin metal patio roofs have traditionally been the most affordable, and easiest solution. But, with the weather conditions constantly changing and with the public opting for seamless transitions between indoor spaces and their outdoor counterparts, patio roofing has become the preferred option. While single skin roofs are easy and cheap, insulated roofing will provide your space with superior insulation to ensure you can sit outside comfortably even on the hottest day. An insulated roof will also help minimise noise, and prevent condensation. From a design point of view an insulated roof also provides you a sleek ceiling finish, concealed ducting for electrical cabling, fewer view distorting posts and beams, and a larger range of colours and textures to really make the space more of an add on, than a shamble.

Last, but certainly not least, no matter how often it is overlooked, you need to install a wide opening between your indoor and outdoor living zones. This provides both functional and visual elements that will really tie together the whole space. What you can do will depend on the structure of your home and your overall budget. If there is an existing window, the job should be relatively straight forward as the opening is already going to be supported. For connecting these spaces the options are; french doors, bi-fold doors, sliding, or tracking doors which can all be installed in either timber or aluminium. Personally, we recommend bi-fold doors to really open up the space.

We hope this helps. Happy entertaining!

Image Source – Media Director – Flickr Creative Commons

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